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Holdem Bot 2 is released! Download it today for FREE!
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"Holdem Bot has been tested on $0.25/$0.5 limit tables. After 20,000 hands the result was profitable - an average of $12 / hour."

Holdem Bot Plays Poker For You - Earn $12 / Hour! Lean back and see how this software plays real money Texas Hold'em for you. Holdem Bot 2 uses a technology that's never been used before! Click here to read more about the new features in version 2.
Only 300 privileged testers will ever profit from Holdem Bot. With the sole purpose of training Holdem Bot's artificial intelligence.

Easy to use. Holdem Bot's 'brain' is trained on over 1,000,000 games of hand history. By feeding it's neural network with good and bad moves, Holdem Bot got better and better. The results gave us a bot, playing nearly perfect texas hold'em. Once you have downloaded Holdem Bot, lean back and watch how Holdem Bot rake in pot after pot.

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You Will Not Risk Your Own Money! If you download a new poker room through Holdem Bot then you are entitled a free 100% deposit bonus up $600! For example: If you deposit $30, you get $30 extra added directly to your account. At worst if Holdem Bot fails to impress you, just uninstall the software, and keep the deposit bonus! That's the worst that could happen, free money.

100% Undetectable. Holdem Bot cannot be detected by your poker site. It constantly changes playing style and randomizes decision time and click positions. The poker sites are aware of the fact there already are some poker bots playing on their site, they do not care simply because it brings more players to their site and they still get money from the rake. They will NOT suspend your account for using a bot.

Estimate How Much You Can Earn:

Holdem Bot has averaged $12 an hour playing limit texas hold'em. Use the calculator below to calculate how much you could earn weekly with Holdem Bot.

If you have a spare computer to leave Holdem Bot running 24 hours per day, leave the "hours per day" field as 24. This will calculate an estimation of how much you could earn leaving Holdem Bot running 24 hours a day.

How many hours per day you can leave Holdem Bot playing:
This is how much you can earn weekly, with Holdem Bot:

User Feed-back

"I'm greatly impressed by your software... and by the fact that it's free :-) I will certainly donate to you to thank you. " - George

"During my research for poker bots, I've found your site. This bot really is GREAT, I love it! Congratulations, well done. Will donate some money when winnings raise ;-)" - Chris from Austria

"First I'd like to say that Holdem Bot is quite an intriguing program. I've only been trying it for a couple of hours now in different limit rooms to see it's results. It certainly seems good enough to be profitable on 0.25/0.5 and even 0.5/1. " - Rob

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